High- Elasticity Carbon Delivers Unprecedented Initial Ball Speed and Long Carry

Covering the thin sole slot with carbon strengthens the T// World 757 S Driver’s face, while saving weight and increasing repulsion at impact. This yields the highest initial ball speed in HONMA’s history.
S = Spin and Stability Control


The World’s First Carbon Slot

The thickness of the sole slit is thinned to maximize the repulsion performance, and it is reinforced with carbon to maintain the strength. As a result, it succeeds in maximizing repulsion performance.


Adjustable Weights

The front and back weights are interchangeable – helping maximize performance, by optimizing the weight positions to a golfer’s swing type or required trajectory.
Front: 3g and Back 9g (standard) weights achieve effortless high launch and straight ball flight.
Back: 9g and Front 3g weights achieve high initial ball speed and strong trajectory and enable spin control.


New Vertical Slot Clubface

This 450cc driver features the most effective vertical slot clubface for mishits from the upper and lower clubface. It maintains high initial ball speed, even on mishits, because it increases the repulsion power on a wider area of the clubface.


Carbon Crown

Cross carbon is adopted to the carbon composite structure, to enhance the head repulsion performance by crown rebounding. That reduces weight and enables the ideal CG design.


Crown Rib

The ribs maintain rigidity around the clubface and efficiently use the rebounding carbon energy for high initial ball speed. The two thick and long ribs prevent over-rebound in a wide area.


Keel Design

Placing the back weight at the outside of the sole achieves low-and-deep CG.


P-SAT Precision Spine Control

The spine is set identically on all clubs, to stabilize shaft movement and retain consistency through the set.



The HONMA original system enables to adjust lie, loft, and face angle without rotating or detaching the shaft, by using the included torque wrench. The angle adjustment system provides consistent shaft performance in combination with P-SAT, even if changing the angles.

TW757 Exclusive VIZARD Shaft for Maximum Head Performance

The mid-tip area, with high rigidity, stabilizes the head movement and maximizes impact energy for high launch, optimal spin and forgiveness. The versatile shaft is playable for every golfer and helps improve a swing’s timing.

VIZARD CUSTOM SHAFT MA, for High Trajectory and Mid Spin

Golfers feel the weight at the tip, by layering the Ni-Ti alloy with shape retention properties on the tip. It provides a good reaction at the start of the downswing, and helps golfers achieve efficient ball striking.

VIZARD CUSTOM SHAFT MP, for High Trajectory and Low Spin

Golfers feel whip from the mid-to-butt area. The shaft’s draw bias is achieved by layering TORAYCA® T1100G, the ultra-high strength and elastic material, on each part.

VIZARD CUSTOM SHAFT FZ, for Mid Trajectory and Low Spin

The rigid tip area reduces extra whip, by layering the high-strength and elastic carbon fiber material TORAYCA® M40X on the tip area. It achieves mid and strong trajectory, without ballooning ball flight.

VIZARD CUSTOM SHAFT PT (Platinum), a new premium shaft that helps maximize swing speed.

It contains ultra-high elastic carbon TORAYCA®M40X on the bias layer for tip reinforcement, and the ultra-high strength and elastic TORAYCA® T1100G on all layers.
High-spec materials are designed for specific areas of the shaft, to help increase swing speed.
This shaft increases swing speed and accuracy, via upgraded torque performance with decreased frequency.